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About the photographer

North of the town I grew up in lies over 30 million square Kilometres of Africa. A fascinating continent full of wild places, endless vistas and excitement. The more one explores Africa, the more you realise if cannot be fully understood, but to get to know her beauty, I believe you should meet her people and visit wildest places. To come to Africa for the first time, is to finally see true beauty. 

But time is running out, and Africa is changing quickly. With the destruction of Africa’s wild places, we are losing a piece of us. I’m privileged to live in one of these wild places. Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is my home, and Kenya is my back yard. With a passion for photography and conservation, I partake in regular explorations throughout Africa. My photography helps me finance these trips. 

If you’re interested in coming to Africa on safari, please contact me and I will happily refer you to ethical safari companies and guides who do much to help conserve this continent and it’s wilderness. - Charl Grobler

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